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In early 2010, band Custom Fit was only a mere idea shared by lead vocalist Sabi, who just moved across the globe from Slovenia to Santa Cruz, California, and Micky, who had recently started performing with local Northern Soul band The Inciters. And it was the Inciters show in the summer of 2010 where bass player Mal, a former member of Canadian bands WrekDefy, Raygun Cawboys and Mad Bomber Society and current member of San Jose psychobilly band Hayride to Hell met Sabi and Micky trough a mutual friend. During a conversation Mal expressed interest in starting up a new band similar to the idea they held. The idea was nothing more than to start a one of a kind band, where everyone had equal input and above all the quality of music to the standard set in place by band of the genre such as Cock Sparrer, The Templars, X-Ray Spex, Camera Silens…

After rehearsing a short list of covers and originals, a wanted add for a drummer was finally answered. Ramona brought diverse interest and proved right away she was meant to be a part of the band. Finally less than a month later, the last member was found. Micky’s friend Collin, formerly of Luxury Sweets and The Spurts, was brought in as a lead guitar. Collin brought with him a great deal of talent, songwriting skills and broad playing style. A sound to the band was now finally taking shape.

With their influences combined, their sound honors bands such as Stiff Little Fingers, Cock Sparrer, The Templars, Blitz, X-Ray Spex, Vice Squad, Rezillos, Buzzcocks, The Jam, Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers, Adolescents, Descendents and even a little bit of Devo.

After about a year of fine tuning, a set of original songs came out, with themes ranging everywhere from a zombie apocalypse to the irony of social networks, to human spontaneous combustion and even more serious subjects, like loosing your close friends to a suicide.

Their debut was in April 2012 as the opener for a ‘secret’ reunion show of a local punk band Good Riddance. Since then they’ve played with bands: The Inciters, Harrington Saints, Hudson Falcons, Young Idea, Madtown Mulligan, The Champions, Filthy Thieving Bastards, Old Firm Casuals, Angry Samoans, La Plebe, Old Glory, Bricktop, The Boars, Los Hooligans, The Forgotten, The Failures, Nekromantix and many more.

Links: ReverbNation, Facebook


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