Why should you be reading this? – because I’m somebody. trust me.

This month we have some rad shit coming out of Canada Longshot Music and Pirates Press Records bring you

Bishops Green Pressure LP – amaze-balls – a true must for fans of Cocksparrer and OI! in general. Do yourself a favor.

Also from Chapter Eleven Records – Pink Panzer man thunder 7″ single went up on pre-order – almost sold out in a day – but there are still a few left, so get off your donkey and hook it up!

The Rile 9 Collective 7″  to walk in truth – is raging! – 4 Kick ass oi! anthems from Los Angeles Ca’s new Oi! heros Rile 9 Collective!

Oi! the Boat records continue to keep up the steady flow of top shelf punk and OI! hits! – check out the latest release – Hooligans – criminal damage 7″

On the live front: coming in July from Shark City United  – Underneath The Underground festival. – 2 days of ball stomping street punk, punk rock and oi! – At Johnny V’s in San Jose California. – All of the cool kids will be there! here’s the line up – Friday July 18, 2014 Tried & True, Custom Fit, Rile 9 Collective, Old Glory, Cold Feelings, Class System, Footsoldier /21+
Saturday July 19, 2014 Patriot, Champions, Inc, Harrington Saints, Warlords, Down For Life, Crime Wave, Volt 45, AggroCulture US, The Young Idea, The Lonely Revolts $17/21+ or $25 for both days

so that’s it for this one –

I’m hopeful to get more on the ball with this!

Remember – don’t try this at home, you’re nobody, i’m somebody.

– Cheeseburger