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Bryan McPherson was born and raised in Dorchester, MA, an Irish-Catholic neighborhood of Boston known for its tough demeanor and sometimes narrow world view. He grew up exploring music through Boston’s punk rock scene, which often reflected the values fostered by his hometown. When it came time to pursue music of his own, however, Bryan found his own road to walk. While his friends bought second-hand half stacks, he got an acoustic guitar. Dorchester’s Street Dogs and Pug Uglies often sing about the trials of growing up in that neighborhood. Bryan’s lyrics also reflect his upbringing, but from a broader perspective as he explores his place in this world and the struggles of the human race. Bryan’s road brought him to folk music: the music of the people.

On Bryan McPherson’s second album, he finds himself in California continuing the story that started in Boston. In American Boy American Girl, Bryan explores the dark underbelly of the American dream. From factories to farmlands, riots to prisons, mountains to dark city streets, Bryan explores this narrative and spits rage in the face of those who oppress, those who would have us be afraid, those who control for their own selfish means. He paints humanity as one group, with “no creed, no class, no nation.” The songwriting reveals his punk rock foundation through a lens shaped by Dylan and Guthrie. American Boy American Girl displays Bryan’s range and talent, and hints at a future of limitless potential.

Bryan McPherson’s songs are protest music at its best. He rails against injustice and inequality, and government in any form that would make subjects of its citizens. Fittingly, American Boy American Girl will be released on April 17, 2012: tax day.

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