MODERN ACTION – Molotov Solution CD


After firing 2 killer 7″ test missiles that firmly grabbed the new worlds attention, the troops went back into the lab and come storming back this time to drop their debut full length atom bomb that’s got enough firepower to blast your figs back to the stone age. 10 songs – 10 hits. duck and cover!
CD Limited to 500 copies…LP Limited to 400 total copies….76 Black vinyl (record release shows edition)…100 Green vinyl (mailorder only)…224 black vinyl copies…
Pressure (1:57)
Self Destruction (1:52)
Radioactive Boy (1:46)
Modern Action (2:40)
Molotov Solution (3:18)
Degenerate (2:02)
Surfer Girl (2:44)
Bleeding Red (2:47)
Sweat Shop (1:59)
Problem Child (1:36)

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