One Flag, One Family Comp


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A massive comp released by Pirates Press to celebrate their 200th release!

“This baby serves up 3 LPs worth of the best punk rock from our first 13 years! Five big sides of music, plus a screen printed sixth side, packaged with a poster featuring artwork from all 200 releases. Most importantly, the records feature some of our favorite music from those releases, with tracks from RANCID, COCK SPARRER, NOi!SE, TIM TIMEBOMB AND FRIENDS, THE INTERRUPTERS, DETOURNEMENT, THE DOWNTOWN STRUTS, ARGY BARGY, BOOZE & GLORY, BISHOPS GREEN, REDUCERS-SF, THE COMPLICATORS, THE STRUGGLE, SMALLTOWN, SUEDE RAZORS, ROADSIDE BOMBS, THE RE-VOLTS, THE RATCHETS, 45 ADAPTERS, OFF WITH THEIR HEADS, BUM CITY SAINTS, THE BAR STOOL PREACHERS, TERRITORIES, STREET DOGS, THIS MEANS WAR!, LION’S LAW, THE WORKIN’ STIFFS, KICKER, LENNY LASHLEY’S GANG OF ONE, HARRINGTON SAINTS, SYDNEY DUCKS, EVIL CONDUCT, BOMBSHELL ROCKS, and THE OLD FIRM CASUALS!” – Pirates Press

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