STAGGER AND FALL – Hero To The People – MP3


STAGGER AND FALL – Hero To The People – MP3
SF's Stagger and Fall's four hard hitting working class street anthems.
This record is on fire! – It's gonna have you rolling up your sleeves and ready to duke it out in no time!.


Stagger and Fall is a street punk band from San Francisco, California. The group was formed in 2008 by Eben Sterling, an employee of Thrasher magazines since 1993. Their strength lies in a brash, powerful sound and exceptional songwriting. Each song is a “mini-movie,” with relatable characters and memorable choruses. They take Merle Haggard’s blue-collar America, mix it with British working-class hooliganism, add a bit of Robert Johnson’s deal at the crossroads, and top it off with some good old pirate’s plunder. Not to be overlooked is the awesome spectacle of 21 year-old drummer Cassie Jalilie. Holding it down for the women of rock, Cassie is a phenomenal talent destined for greatness. Bass player Darren Scott joined the band in early 2011. If you love Rancid, Cocksparrer, Dropkick Murphys, Cockney Rejects, Social Distortion, the Casualties, and Motorhead, you will love Stagger and Fall.