The Rocketz – We Are… CD


Track Listing:
1 All My Own
2 Loser
3 Dig the Way I Roll
4 Label on the Bottle
5 I Wanna Get a Mohawk
6 Razor Blades
7 Dead Shall Dance
8 I Don’t Like You
9 East L.A.
10 Come Back to Me
11 Gettin My Kix
12 Holiday In Cambodia
13 Slow Down
14 Robot Rock
15 Ain’t Nowhere to Go
16 Accelerator

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Heart pounding non-stop punk rockabilly with heavy rock and roll influences throughout! This is an all killer no filler foot stompin Cd by The Rocketz with just a touch of melody and a wonderful ballad to soften the edge!

Here’s the video for EAST LA, one of the best tracks on the album:

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