When I was 14 it was 1982 I picked up a 45 from a band called The Clash – It was the Straight To Hell single with Should I stay or Should I Go on the flip. You see, I HAD TO HAVE IT, the cool kids were talking about how incredible The Clash were, and I’ll be damned if I was gonna miss the boat on this one, Half way through the first turn I was home, It made sense, It spoke a language I was familiar with, No longer would I have to listen to the blather streaming from the radio, the macho rock and burnt out pop that was only available to me thus far. I had already begun to listen to the PUNX but this one sunk in deep. Sign me up, I had good friends like my pals Ben, Eric and Rick that taught me how to FIX my clothes and do drugs and break shit, and run from cops and jocks, and The Clash was the soundtrack and the beginning for me, shortly followed up with a slew of California bands the seemed to just get more and more aggressive as my distaste for the world grew. And on and on we go release after release Joe Strummer and The Clash kept turning – On 12/22/2002 Joe Strummer died – and forever on this day I will go to the record store, and pay tribute. When I hear Straight To Hell today I remember when I was a horribly miserable teenager my parents built a little room out back so that didn’t have to deal with me, I would sit out there, smoke hash out of a crushed soda can waiting for Ronnie Raygun to just push the button – and listen to The Clash.
For that I am grateful.


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